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Home to the A-list, spectacular beaches, and countless legendary properties, Merewether is one of the Newcastle most prestigious and exclusive neighbourhoods.



Merewether is a part of the Newcastle’ Golden Triangle – with Bar Beach to the east and The Junction to the North. Before investors developed Merewether, The Merewether Family originally inhabited this area. By the 1980s, construction of Merewether real estate boomed. Merewether is home to some of the region’s most coveted luxury real estate, attracting renowned business professionals, to contemporary pop culture icons. Merewether local services are provided by Newcastle City Council and considered an exceptionally safe neighborhood for residents. In addition, the beaches of Merewether are meticulously maintained, making it one of the most aestheticly pleasing neighborhoods in the world. Merewether is very attentive to the nature adorning Glenrock State Conservation Area.



The Merewether luxury real estate market offers a diverse variety of luxurious properties. The immaculate assortment of architecture in Merewether provides an exceptional variety of options for discerning buyers looking for their dream home! You can find everything from traditional homes to modern architectural properties; from estates built in the style of the Bungalows to Stark and Clinical Masterpieces. As of 2015, the average listing price of homes for sale in Merewether was around $3,800,000. The median price per square foot for homes in Merewether is $3980. For the last decade, BonVilla has unparalleled knowledge and experience.



From A-list celebrities to sports heroes, executives  to international clients, Merewether luxury real estate attracts the regions top producers, creative minds, and leading business professionals. Residents of Merewether enjoy world class beaches at a close proximity from their homes. The Merewether Real Estate market offers a variety of luxurious, eclectic homes in a well-maintained community. Merewether is also home to some of the best schools in the region. Merewether is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Australia, so expect tourists driving around streets; even so, homes in Merewether are well equipped to uphold the highest level of privacy for Merewether homeowners.



The Beaches Hotel and Surf House

Parks and Nature
Gibbs Brothers.

There are many, many amazing dining options in Merewether to fulfill any craving, whether it is a casual meal or elegant fine dining, you’ll be sure to find it close to home! The following are just a few options of the incredible restaurant options available at your fingertips. The Surfhouse, The Beaches

Holy Family Merewether school is topnotch and an exceptional district for families.

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